Marriage Ring



Mandarin Orange

Happy Orange

Mandarin Orange has been used in Europe for centuries.

Mandarin oranges have been popular in Europe since ancient times.

Orange fruit rings are designed as a symbol of happiness.

Part Number: YR-12

K18YG Yellow Gold ¥132,000〜(tax included)

K18WG Champagne Gold ¥175,500〜(tax included)

K18PG Pink Gold ¥153,000〜(tax included)

Pt 900 Platinum ¥180,000〜(tax included)

Size: 9-12 (in 0.5 size increments)

Engraving: Up to 5 characters. (Free)

(Numbers, letters, &, . (Numbers, letters, &, ., dot, to, and space count as one character. )

Delivery 3 months

If you have any questions about the product or wish to purchase it, please contact us from below.


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