Jewelry is a very delicate thing.
If you take care of it carefully, it will shine forever.

Jewelry hates to be heavy.
Refrain from using them if you are driving or
otherwise straining your fingers.

If clothing gets caught in the nails,
the gemstone may come off.
Please handle gently.

Let's do a small spell.
Occasionally, lightly touch it with a soft,
thin object (such as a toothpick).
Check that the jewel has not moved.
If the jewel moves, it is not for use today.
Please contact the store of purchase.

Jewels love fat.
Finger grease, foundation, etc.
If it gets greasy, the dust will dull the shine.
After a day's use,
wipe it gently with a soft, fine-grained cloth and
Give it a bath at the dealer occasionally.

Your skin is delicate, and depending on your condition
   It can cause swelling and itching.
If you feel any abnormalities in your skin, take a break.
Please consult a professional doctor.

While you're resting, do a spell or take a bath.
Please look forward to the time when you can enjoy it again.

If youring finds a manufacturing problem
within 90 days of purchase,
we will repair it free of charge.

We can also resize up to size ±2
within 90 days free of charge.
(This may not be possible for some products.)

If you have any other questions,
please contact us through CONTACT.