Amidst a billion coincidences

Only one inevitability is reached

The light and the wind, the time and the scene of two people uniting

Be faithful to your feelings

Be devout to your love


Youring is a combination of "your" and "ring.

Youring is a word coined from "your" and "ring".

Youring also has the meaning of "Yu-ring" from the meaning of "tying the knot, marriage, and life together".

We have put these thoughts into our logo as well.

Think of your loved ones.

We would like to put these thoughts into our brand and rings and deliver them to as many people as possible.

Yudai Nakabayashi, President

Joined AHKAH in 1997

2008-2018 Chief Designer

After retiring

Part-time Lecturer at Hiko Mizuno College of Jewelry

Preparing to establish a new brand

Establishing youring Inc. in June 2021

President of youring Inc.

PLASTICITY Brand Advisor