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La Fée Ring


La Fée Ring


In addition to meaning "fairy" in French

the ring also means "perfect woman"

I designed it to look like the sparkle flashing from a fairy's wings around your beautiful finger.

This ring is dedicated to the bride with perfect beauty.

Part number: YR-1

K18YG yellow gold ¥347,000 〜(tax included)

K18WG white gold ¥347,000 〜(tax included)

Pt 900 Platinum ¥357,000〜(tax included)

( The amount varies depending on the diamond.

Center Diamond: 0.23ct-0.27ct

Size: 5-14 (0.5 size increments)

Delivery 2 months

If you have any questions about the product or wish to purchase it, please contact us from below.


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